Hello, welcome to the world of French perfumes.

Our goal!

Our goal is to let people discover new perfumes that one despite an allergy (usually) can use anyway.


je taime parfumsWhy would you choose Perfumery RHEDS?

– Original French A-Brand perfumes
– Very high quality
– Pure perfume oil
– Perfumes retain their scent very long
– Beautiful designs
– Personal contact with the perfumers (nose)
– Hypoallergenic (90%)
– Non-staining on clothing
– Pure vegetable
– Not tested on animals


Who are we?

Perfumery RHEDS was born from a passion for French perfumes from Paris. We are an importer of unique French perfumes of the highest quality for both men and women.
These brands are very well known in America, Asia and Russia, but also in Europe since the last couple of years.

Where we mainly look at whether the perfumes are hypoallergenic and if the fragrance/scent remains long on the skin. Why don’t you know our perfumes? Because we do not present them in the media. This allows us to offer these products at affordable prices.

We have a wide variety of Perfume in our range.
From 50 ml to 100 ml, from fresh fragrances to oriental fragrances.

All our products are Made in France and comply with European certifications.


Where can you see/smell our products?

You can see/smell our products throughout the Netherlands and Belgium at drugstores and perfumeries.
Doesn’t your favorite store have our products in their range? You can always ask if they can supply it to you.

Are you a Company/Wholesaler and are you interested to offer your customers an exclusive and affordable Perfume? Please contact us for more Information: info@rheds-parfums.nl .