A fragrance that touches the heart, is probably the most simple and greatest joy we know.
Think of a warm summer evening, the smell of a restaurant where you can walk just past, or even more personal, the smell of your loved ones. Smelling is a momentary experience, weightless and quickly gone. Yet it affects us deeply. Fragrances reminisce. Of social gathering, holidays, food, just name it. A fragrance is for everyone recognizable and obviously very personal.
A perfume helps you to make yourself familiar to your environment and gives you the joy of wearing it. What is more fun than people complimenting you about your great Perfume?
You will be recognized and remembered by anyone who you have been in contact with.

The six golden rules:
1. No day without perfume.
2. Take advantage of every opportunity to discover new perfumes.
3. You can only decide on your own feelings, what fragrance lines suit you.
4. You can only determine with a test on your skin whether a perfume is right for you.
5. Never use a perfume that you are not one hundred percent feeling comfortable with.
6. Do you use too much or too little Perfume? Go by what your friends say.

Perfume is a dream in a bottle.
Unfortunately, we can not hold on to a scent. Therefore we must enjoy this scent when we smell it. Perfume is the icing on the cake of your appearance. It announces your arrival and leaves a memory of you behind. No one “closes” theirselfs from scents. You can close your eyes, you can put a plug in your ears, the nose will always smell .How someone uses a perfume is very important. Too much perfume is a violation of our personal atmosphere. Most people therefore react negatively to overly intrusive perfumes. Even when a perfume is gently used and the people aren’t really aware of the Perfume, it can provide the wearer the beauty and elegance of a special shine.

How to use a good perfume?
A lot of people don’t know how they should aplpy perfume to obtain the right bouquet. This is because no one has ever explained it to them or gave them the right advise. We often learn from our parents how we should apply perfume. They have also learned this again from their parents, and so on and so on. Unfortunately, this is often wrongly given to us, because they have also received the wrong advise. We will now reach you a few golden rules. If you stick to these rules, you will find that the use of perfume opens up a whole new world for you.

Rule nr. 1
Use perfume on the pulse points on your body, where your heart rate can be felt. These are the wrists, neck,
rhedsdécolleté, knees and the inside of the elbow. The biggest mistake some people always make is to apply perfume behind the ears. This is an old French custom that was always used in the Middle Ages. The French had their faces painted with powder, in the Middle Ages. Because it was a lot of work to bring this up, they didn’t wash this off by the end of the day. Conclusion, the hygiene of these people were often left to be desired. Because the French had the habit of greeting each other with a kiss and they didn’t have a tasty smell, they applied perfume behind the ears to camouflage their poor hygiene. What most people don’t know is that there are several sebaceous glands behind the ears. If people do use perfume behind the ears, the perfume will smell differently than he ought to smell. So never apply perfume behind the ears.


Rule nr. 2
If people apply perfume on their wrists, most people will immediately rub their wrists against eachother. When asked why they do this, they usually do not know and I get the answer “I’ve learned this from my mother.” It is absolutely not advised that if you put perfume on your wrists, to rub them. Perfume is mixed with alcohol. This alcohol is necessary to spread the fragrance of the perfume. Without alcohol, you could not convey the perfume. Alcohol also has a cleansing effect. If you will rub the perfume on your wrists, there’s a slight pollution-free skin, which mixes with your expensive perfume. Conclusion, your perfume will smell quite different than you had hoped for.

Rule nr. 3
Perfume should be applied on the skin. It depends on this skin, how the Perfume will develop. The skin has a certain acidity. This acidity is dependent upon the condition of the subject. If, for example, taking medication may affect the acidity and appearance of your skin. Some skin types do not tolerate perfume. Can I no longer use perfume? Of course you can still use perfume! You can spray your favorite fragrance in your hair. This will absolutely not damage your hair. The advantage of this is that you walk around in a cloud of perfume, whatever you radiate. Another possibility is that you apply the perfume on your clothes. A good perfume will leave no stains on your valuable clothing. However, it is advisable to be careful with dark coloured perfumes. These are in general the somewhat heavier fragrances ( oriental fragrances).
If you’ll stick to these three rules, you will experience for yourself that your perfume last longer and you will experience the fun of it what you expected.

How can you judge a perfume?
Inhale the fragrance not too long, but concentrated. Then try to answer the following questions as spontaneously as possible, without thinking too long about it! If you don’t have an answer to a question, then save that question for later.
1. If the scent would have a color, what color would it be?
2. If the scent would have a shape, what did it look like?
3. If you could feel this scent, how would it feel like?
4. Can you imagine a particular place, an event or a photo, when you smell this perfume?
5. Do you think about certain clothes, when you think about this perfume?
6. Do you see in this fragrance a certain type of person?
7. Would you like to use this fragrance? These are a few guidelines how you could judge a perfume. The most important thing is that you will like the perfume. As long as you’re happy.

Smell good?
A few tips;

Make sure you know what you smell. If you’ll test different perfumes at the same time, write down what you would prefer. Do not apply a perfume on your skin, but on a scent strip first. This avoids the disappointment that you are wearing the wrong scent, because our perfumes remain very long on your skin.

  •  Remember what kind of fragrances you have used, an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum. These species are very different in intensity, the extent to which they persist and even odor character.
  • Make sure that you don’t apply perfume anywhere on the skin where there’s already another odor present either a perfume or a soap or cream of the same fragrance. Layering means that you use the same scent on the skin, in the form of a deodorant, shower gel or perfume.
  • Take some time to determine your favorite scent. You know you have to wait until the alcohol has evaporated, but that’s not enough. Perfumes change on the skin of odor. The smell you first found delicious, develops later perhaps a scent that might disturb you.
  • Be careful with the way you judge a perfume. As you know, a nose easily get’s tired. Sniff the smell briefly open and give your nose a moment’s rest.
  • Try to smell concentrated. Close your eyes and ask yourself how you experience this smell. If you are really a perfume lover, you will use every opportunity to test perfumes. Every month there will be new fragrances somewhere.

We have many different perfumes in our assortment. From light and fresh perfumes to heavy floral oriental perfumes. Our range will therefore be more extensive and be adapted to the demands of our customers. We only supply original perfumes.

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